About Us

Larry and Lily Horning have been involved in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of commercial assets for over 30 years. Furniture Basix was officially created in the Horning’s home in 2003 and was opened to the public in 2004. Since then, Furniture Basix has become a major player in the corporate world of furniture. What sets us apart from other furniture providers is that we approach each customer as family and friend, regardless of the scope of the project. Every project is approached with the utmost attention and detail that our clients expect and deserve.

At Furniture Basix, we’re proud to maintain the trust of the architectural, design and real estate communities to work directly with their clients. Our team easily handles every aspect of a furniture project, from furniture planning and design all the way to furniture selections. We strive not only to sell furniture, but to educate our customers on the products that they are buying. We save our clients HUGE SUMS OF MONEY in operational costs by performing within tight time frames and around major obstacles involving real estate, legalities, physical constraints, and asset location.

When it comes to liquidations, rest assured that we will help you secure the most revenue from your asset sale. Furniture Basix has assisted many major and privately-owned businesses in their liquidation needs. We manage the entire process so that you can focus on the other issues involved in relocating.

In addition to Furniture Basix, Larry Horning has piloted a related enterprise to keep us at the forefront of technology as well as furniture:      

PVW Marketing: a digital marketing engine for all furniture companies that provides 3D renderings, floor plans, and 360° virtual walk-thru tours of a space. These tools offer a huge advantage to our clients, allowing them to visualize their space long before seeing furniture physically there.

The bottom line: we know that furniture can be stressful and time-consuming. Furniture Basix is here to alleviate the stress so you can continue in your day-to-day operations with the assurance that someone is there to make you successful. Let Furniture Basix streamline your furniture experience today!